Rollic India specializes in a variety of services that are intended to improve productivity, efficiency and promote positive communication and employee morale while reducing employment related risks.
  We provide our clients with customized management, human resource, and training solutions through project based arrangements or complete outsourcing of the human resource functions.
  We involve employees at all levels and bring focus to how an employee's daily job functions and core competencies directly impacts and links to the overall success of the organization.
All type of embassy related work like VISA stamping and attestation etc.
Global corporations planning diversification and expansion as part of their existing enterprise
International companies planning to set up liaison offices, joint ventures and trading offices
Indian companies or groups in the process of restructuring current operations, planning expansion, diversification
Family businesses aiming to professionalize their management
Entrepreneurial ventures that require HR systems and processes
Any enterprise wanting to introduce personnel systems of management for enhanced recruitment, motivation, retention and management of human resources.
Professionals wanting to assess skills and capabilities for future prospects.
Top Management Professionals mapping career growth paths within their existing employment by identifying competencies and areas of improvement.
Junior to Middle and Middle to Senior managers seeking guidance on current profession, seeking suitable employment options and exploring alternative employment.
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